About SuperSprint

Bringing the Sleddog Sport inside

We all know sleddogs can run for miles, but they can also achieve great speeds and have amazing agility. Helsinki SuperSprint brings the sleddogs indoors, where the weather is always a perfect -3 degrees Celsius.

Celebrating Animal Welfare

An indoor arena enables an unprecedented level of animal welfare. We want to ensure each dog is in tip-top shape before entering the race. Our veterinary service provides care for all canine athletes during and after the event.

World’s First

Being first gives Helsinki SuperSprint a chance to create something new and spectacular. In addition to being the first, we want to be the best! We are committed to providing both the athletes and the audience something amazing!

Jukkis Ahonen, Race Director“Welcome to the coolest indoor arena event you’ve ever seen!”
-Jukkis Ahonen, Race Director at SuperSprint

Join Helsinki SuperSprint at Savikiekontie 4, Helsinki on April 13.-14. 2019!